What does it take to be successful?

Whatever goal you pursue or whatever meaning success has for you personally, you’ll need several attributes to get to the point where you achieve your goals or you feel successful. Working with people on becoming the best version of themselves and helping them to attain their personal targets, I realized more and more that there is one of these attributes that is pivotal in the process of  being successful – consistency!
It is one thing to do a lifestyle change or to adjust some procedures in your daily life to get some initial results or positive changes. It is another thing to apply these modifications day by day, week by week, month by month until they become a habit. One of the biggest challenges on the way to success is having the consistency of taking the right decisions and doing the right things day in day out.

A good example is R. R.
Working as an architect and finding herself in a busy and stressful life situation in which not everything worked out as planed, she kept being consistent over time in doing her best. She started with the consulting program and finished with some personal training session. Over time she lost -8 kg body weight and -6,6 % body fat by keeping her body lean mass at level. She never gave up and finally achieved her goals.



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