With a healthy body, you will feel well and feel powerful. A healthy body is the main prerequisite for achieving an optimal change, whether a change in your looks or increased performance is the desired result.


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DDG Training


Whatever goal you want to pursue: your lifestyle, nutrition, training and sleep should be part of that goal. My objective is to support you and deliver the results you seek.


With scientifically proven training methods, individually designed training programs, which allow you to make constant progress and the holistic approach of the BioSignature/ YPSI Skinfold Measurement, I am able to lead you efficiently towards your goals.


It is very important to me to enable you to maximize your full potential. My working method is result oriented and personally tailored to you.

Through my experience as a youth professional athlete, my qualifications in sports sciences, certifications in various aspects of further education, and my long experience in the sports and fitness industry, I have acquired knowledge, which I want you to share with you. I always try to stay ahead of the field in order to deliver the best possible results to you.