Qualifications and Certifications


> Personal Trainer at Fitorama Fitness Center

> Athletic coach at soccer club “FC Black Stars”

> Biosignature Modulation (Charles Poliquin)

> Functional Athletic-Coach (Academy “Sportlerei”)

> TRX Suspension Training, Sports Medicine

> Internship Athletic-Coach at the German National League - Club Hamburger SV

> Internship at the Health & Medical Center Heutz-Della Vite & Huber

> Long-time experienced fitness trainer

> Higher Education qualifications in sport sciences (University of Basel)

> Master of Exercise & Health Sciences

   Master thesis "Investigation of a 7-weeks combined strength and power training program

   during the   competitive season on various fitness parameters in high-level amateur soccer

   players." (published: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance; Journal of Sports Sciences)


> Bachelor of Exercise & Health Sciences

> Professional Youth Soccer Player (FC Basel, SC Freiburg)

> CrossFit Level 1 Coach

> YPSI Seminar – Sportspecific Training & Business

> Workshop: Olympic Weightlifting, by Vogt Training

> YPSI Nutrition Seminar - Hormone Balance, Nervous System & Nutrients




Only in a healthy body you will feel well and powerful. A healthy body is the basis for achieving an optimal change, whether a change in your looks or an increased performance. Whatever goal you pursue, your lifestyle, nutrition and training should support that goal.


My objective is to support you and deliver the results you seek.


With scientifically-proven training methods, personalized training programs and the holistic approach of the BioSignature method, I am able to lead you efficiently towards your goals.


Through my experiences as a youth professional sportive, my qualifications in sports sciences, certifications in various aspects of further education and my long experience in the sports and fitness industry, I have acquired the knowledge which I want you to have. I always try to stay ahead of the field in order to deliver the best possible results to you.


Personal Training


Time is precious and should be used wisely. So why would you want to invest in years of inefficient standardised fitness training when you can get better and faster results and be coached on a 1 to 1 basis?


Personal training is the best and fastest way to achieve your goals. To insure this, you have to run through a specific assessment to reveal your individual strengths and weaknesses and to define your goals. It is important to know your personal strengths and boost them, but even more important, to identify your weaknesses and work on them - the only way to achieve your goal in a healthy and efficient way.


Whether your goal is fat-loss, gaining muscle, improving strength, sports-specific training, rehabilitation of an injury or increasing your general fitness and wellbeing,

the DDG Personal Training develops the right training concept for YOU!

Athletic Training


Athletic Training focuses on preventive training and on increasing performance. The purpose is to achieve maximal power capacity in a healthy way. Every type of physical ability can be improved. Whether you want to become faster, stronger, more powerful, more efficient, more flexible or increase your endurance capacity to get to the top of

your sport – my training will be geared to you in a way for you to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently.


Athletic Training is not just for top athletes. Every person and sports enthusiast can benefit from such training. Your training plan and exercise selection will be matched on your individual fitness level and experience. Remember, it is possible for everyone to train like a top athlete and to enjoy big success.


BioSignature Modulation


BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, fat loss and wellness program originally developed by world renowned strength coach and fitness legend Charles Poliquin.

The program, which unites the best approaches from alternative and functional medicine, is based on the correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances.


BioSignature is non-invasive, so you don't need to do blood testing or saliva sample. Instead, 12 specific skinfold sites from the cheek to the calf will be measured, and your sleep and lifestyle patterns will be assessed and analysed. The calculation of the skinfolds tells us about your body's stress level, the genetic insulin sensitivity, sex hormones, thyroid function and more. From the results of your measurements, we can address the cause and not just treat the symptoms.


BioSignature Modulation produces real, noticeable results - and does it fast. It is a safe and natural solution to losing stubborn body fat, improving body composition and achieving wellness - and ultimately, a higher quality of life.


Based on your unique BioSignature, we will modify your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and supplementation in order to reach optimal hormonal levels, which is the key to fast fat loss and overall health. Whether you are a professional athlete, a business executive, or a stay-at-home mom - BioSignature can help!


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